Motor Symbol Sequencing (MSS)

Suitable for part time students who wish to work predominantly from their own home and experience difficulties with:

  • The mechanical aspect of writing
  • Putting words on paper
  • Can speak better than they write
  • Have messy handwriting and careless errors in spelling and math
  • Forming letters and motor planning in writing

This program is offered with one hour every two weeks at CEC. The student engages in a minimum of four hours of the program at home per week and returns to CEC to have their progress monitored and for any necessary modifications to be made.


Having participated in the MSS program students have gained improvement with:

  • Writing more legibly, neatly, and easily
  • Eye tracking of text
  • Faster reading speed
  • Ability to copy material quickly and accurately
  • Completion of written tests within time limits
  • A reduction of careless errors in mathematics
  • Better fluency of speech
  • More automated spelling




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