The Cognitive Enhancement Centre is an educational facility dedicated to helping students with learning difficulties reach their full potential. The CEC offers courses of study developed by the world renowned Arrowsmith Program – a program based on the application of neuroscientific research which works to help students strengthen the weak cognitive capacities underlying a range of learning difficulties.

We are here to help enable students to reach their full potential and become self-sufficient, confident learners through cognitive training, support and compassion.

Our Team

Rita Margarita: Executive Director

A mother’s search for a solution for her son with learning difficulties, who was being failed by the conventional school system, led her to try many alternatives and eventually found the Arrowsmith Program. Through the program’s assessment and tailored cognitive training, her son has transformed into a confident and independent individual, and has now returned to a mainstream school, where he is thriving.

This mother is Rita Margarita, and this transformational moment inspired her to bring the Arrowsmith Program to Switzerland by founding the Cognitive Enhancement Centre. She hopes to help others struggling with a range of learning difficulties, by offering this revolutionary program.

Hugo Moore: Teacher / Administrator

Hugo graduated as a teacher from Cambridge University UK in 1996 with the Post Graduate Certificate in Education. Since then he has spent the majority of his career following his passion for Special Education including roles as Deputy Special Education Coordinator at Camborne Science and International Academy UK where he worked closely with the Cornwall and British Dyslexia Associations and as Special Education Coordinator at Bangkok Patana School one of the largest and most well respected International Schools in Asia.

Hugo spent the last seven years in Phuket, Thailand where he became the first Arrowsmith teacher in the Kingdom at United World College. He recruited additional teachers and grew the program form one student to capacity during his role as Arrowmsith Program Director. The testimonies of parents, students and educators from his time at UWC indicate that Arrowmsith is thriving there.

Following the success of Arrowsmith at UWC Thailand Hugo was invited to project manage the build and opening of Banyapura School Providing Arrowsmith Program (for adults) adjacent to UWC and also assumed the role of Managing Director for Confident Brains Ltd who license Arrowsmith Program to schools in Asia. Hugo received specialist additional training from Arrowsmith in Toronto to qualify him as the first Arrowsmith “Site Consultant” to prepare him sufficiently for these roles.

During more than two decades Hugo has been a teacher and school administrator in Sri Lanka, UK, Thailand and Australia. He now joins us in Switzerland with a love for education, a commitment to the wellbeing of his students and a passion for providing the transformational potential of Arrowsmith Program to all who may benefit.


To enable students to reach their full potential and become self-sufficient, and confident learners through cognitive training, support and compassion. We believe we can help. 


To provide guidance, encouragement, and support throughout the learning process by ensuring each learner’s capacity is maximized.


Chemin du Rivage 7, 1292 Chambesy, Switzerland

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